The Peace Planet — The Desire for Peace

Turn a Cruel World into an Uplifted Planet
Centered from the Human Heart

Imagine a World



Help the Earth, Free the Planet

All Together, as ONE with the Earth 

Together, WE CAN Move on to the Earth’s Heart-Centered Holistic Paradigm Now — For the Love of All Life, Liberty, Health, Happiness, Prosperity and Property FOR ALL NOT SOME, as the American Founders Intended

Every Farmer Knows You Must:

Plough the Field First — For Good, Strong and Delicious Things to Grow

A War Planet

or a Peace Planet?

War-Debt-Taxes-Heartache—Generation through Generation—It’s the System!

Coming Together for a Higher System of Heart, Life, Soul and Truth! Because Freedom is in The System We Choose


The Spiritual UN’s* Heart-Centered Holistic Paradigm:

*The Spiritual UN is Representative of the Earth and Her People

Getting Our Groove Back on Beautiful Planet Earth —
A Unity in Diversity and our Biodiversity Together

We know, whether we’re grandma, pa, boomer, x, y, z Generations or just new babies waiting to be born, that we came to the Earth Born to Love not Kill!

We see all Life on this beautiful and wondrous Planet as a part of us that we came to explore, care for and enjoy as simply One Life—rocks, minerals, plants, animals, trees, sky, oceans, earth, planet, human beings, near and far, we’re simply One life breathing for the other, living for the other, caring for the other and progressing with the other.

We know the Old UN is not in synch with the Planet, its people, and all Life at our ecological levels of water, earth, skies and seas as Wars, suffering, poverty and wholesale destruction is rampant everywhere.

We know we must come to our own rescue if we are to make the world a better place for everyone. We therefore, hereby, now make our Human Common Unity through our Hearts as the Human Race—not War—our new spirit on the Earth to uplift ALL to our greatest and grandest heights and delights. We hereby declare our Human spirit to lead the way for new progress on Planet Earth where we’re harming none and helping All.

As an explorer Family of Humans we cast our vision afar to join the Federation of Peaceful Planets of our great and wondrous Universe and for that we are making a new kind of UN—a Spiritual UN—a UN of our spirit that sees all Life as One in all its diversity and biodiversity.

We are, One for all and All for one—UNITED in our Love for all Life on this beautiful blue orb and beyond.

We see WE CAN make an evolutionary leap together, united as One Human Family by getting our groove back on Planet Earth—uplifted and free—living together, learning together, breathing together and letting all be, naturally.

We know we don’t need war, we don’t need politics, and we don’t accept poverty for anyone, all we need is our spirit—no rules, just right as we see here—laying down the ground for our new UN of the heart:

1. We believe War and Weapons are Not the Way on the Planet—that Human beings have been created to help one another, not harm or hurt one another;


2. We believe that all Human beings, regardless of color, ethnicity, sect or creed are all Equal and have all been born with a God-given purpose;


3. We believe no Human being, anywhere, should be hungry, homeless, or without clean water, but allowed to flourish naturally from the Earth which God has given pure, free and good for all;


4. We believe in learning and knowledge and the ability to think independently and reflect to progress oneself and civilization that makes us all better and enlightened Human beings;


5. We believe that all life on the Earth, including all the animals and ecosystems everywhere are to be treated with respect, compassion and humanely for sustaining all Life as part of Gaia—God’s sacred, wondrous and consciousness-evolving Creation;


6. We believe money for wars, weapons, debt and usury—these being the destructive forces, should no longer be so, but for the constructive and creative forces of human literacy, ingenuity, creativity and happiness for all;


7. We believe that we must always seek the Truth, and it is the Truth that we must stand with, above all else;


8. We believe, that Tyranny and Oppression is not the way of the Prophets, the Quran, the Bible nor the American Founding but of Tyrants;


9. We believe that the Brotherhood / Sisterhood of Humankind exists on the basis of Love and Caring for each other, and that we agree with the forward thinking idea:

“… We shall harness for God the energies of love and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire”

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

A War Planet or a Peace Planet?

Common Sense Tells us It’s Either One or the Either.




Vote for the Peace Planet

We’ve All Seen and Experienced the War System

and What it Holds for the Future.

Let’s Now Consent to Know and Experience the Peace System Instead


Bring Back Planet Earth to the Best that She Can Be—Naturally

—Unity, Wholeness and Oneness of All Life
for the Vibrant Health, Life, Liberty and Happiness of All

How Your Vote Counts

Your vote to the Peace System of The Spiritual UN Building Fund for Non Harm and Sharing.  Its mission is to: “build a state of the art holistic facility that draws from timeless wisdom, spiritual principles and concepts for the expressions of teaching, learning, listening, talking and meeting to both intend and ground THE BETTER WAY on this beautiful life-inhabited Planet,” and, at the same time,

“be the center for the new paradigm for the heart-centered, holistic connection to all Life on the Planet and to the Universe—as it connects to simply the best in all of us—moving beyond all politics.”

At the same time, we believe that the roots of violence must be examined to prevent present and future generations from falling into the same traps—through a 911 Truth Awakenings Museum and Redemption Project—so that the Planet may survive for the absolute best-that-it-can-be world and destiny that is the right of all Life on it—Human, Animal and Environmental—as One Life—with harm to none.

The Spiritual UN Building Fund for Non Harm and Sharing is therefore the Planetary Brain project, grounded in THE BETTER WAY and compassionately overseen by simply an organization of Humanitarians.

Removing the Middle Men
Why We No Longer Need Politics
and Politicians

The Theory of
— A Practical Reason

The Moral Philosopher, Immanuel
Kant said,

“No Straight Thing Can be Made from the Crooked Timber of Humanity.”

A Crooked System Makes
the Whole World Sick, Corrupted and Twisted


“When the Solution is Simple,
God is Answering”

— Albert Einstein

 First Step


Plough the Field


You Cannot Have Both War and Peace on the Planet at the Same Time


Even Albert Einstein said:


“You cannot simultaneously prevent

 and prepare for war.”

 We’re Searching for Some
Pretty Cool Architects

 First Stage:


Purchasing of the Land


Second Stage:


Design and Building of The Spiritual

 UN which Includes The People’s  Auditorium


Third Stage:


Staffing of the Departments of The Spiritual UN for the Warp Speed
Evolution of Humanity
—  Chapter 8 of The Spiritual UN
Gentle Path

What YOU Make Possible


Next Step


A People Powered Peace Planet:


“Of, By and For The People”


For Now and Our Future Generations


Pledge $1.00 Per Month for a Lifetime Membership in The Spiritual UN’s A Better Way—Beyond the Realm of All Politics


Because It’s Love’s Turn on the Planet


“We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive”
– Albert Einstein


“I believe today there is a need for all people of good will to come together with a massive act of conscience and say in the words of the old Negro
spiritual, ‘We ain’t goin’
study war no more'”

— Martin Luther King, Jr

6hmp3ezyImagine It!


 Give Up War—for Wholeness, Happiness and Prosperity for All—
Generation Through Generation





Nothing Can Change Unless:

*We Plough the Field First


*Go Beyond All Politics

 *Enter the Door for The
Warp Speed Evolution of Humanity

Building the Higher Planetary Brain:

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